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BeeWise is a 21st Century Beekeeping program that engages youth in science, technology, engineering and math through project-based art, making and citizen science.

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BeeWise camps and programs engage youth and adults in 21st century beekeeping approaches that employ the maker mindset by utilizing project-based arts to deliver science, technology, engineering and math using hands on learning.

BeeWise Summer Day Camp

Youth in deep conversation about the dissecting of their honey bee.

BeeWise Summer Day Camps are hosted at the Pueblo Zoo and feature project-based arts and maker learning approaches for engaging youth beekeepers. Youth dissect honey bees and flowers, participate in honey taste test, play games based on honey bee behavior and make candles and lip balm exploring the careers and products made from beekeepers.

In 2017 & 2018 six sessions of beekeeping summer camps were hosted at the Pueblo Zoo. The programs got youth into beekeeping suites and engaged them in actual beekeeping tasks like looking for the queen, identifying honey bee casts and adding queen excluders.


BeeWise Spring Break Camp

Youth wood burning designs into her buttery fly house she built from a gourd.

BeeWise Spring Break Camp was hosted at El Centro del Quinto Sol Recreation Center. The goal was to serve an undeserved location in Pueblo, with free pollinator spring break camps. The program sought to engage youth in 21st Century Pollination Education using a STEAM approach. Youth participated in 1/2 day camp programs that taught them about pollinators. Every day they would make items to support pollinators such as, humming bird feeders, butter fly houses, or mason bee homes. The youth planted their own garden, harvested seeds, and used recycled and resourced items to support pollinator health in their homes and neighborhoods.

Pollination Maker Family Workshops

Are family friendly workshops that engage the entire family in completing a project that contributes to pollinator health in our community. Programs are hosted at the Pueblo Zoo and include free admission to the zoo and a free ice cream cone.

Programs hosted in 2016 & 2017 were collaborations between the Pueblo County Horticulturalist, Pueblo County Master Gardeners and the STEAM Pueblo BeeWise Program. The aim was to engage entire families in pollinator education and a fun project, that resulted in a completed project they got to bring home. Going Batty was probably our most popular workshop, although workshops about native bees was a second favorite.

Citizen Science

The BeeWise project has a citizen science project that anyone can participate in that is focused on identifying Honey Bee Nectar and Pollen sources. The BeeWise Honey Bee Nectar and Pollen Map was created to engage the public in pollinator science, while collecting valuable data in pollen and nectar sources nation wide. The goal of the project is to create a map of pollinating plants and archive when their nectar flows are so we can better understand the relationship between nectar and pollen production and honey bee health.