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BeeWise is a 21st Century Beekeeping program that engages youth in science, technology, engineering and math through project-based art, making and citizen science.

Pheromone Game (Kit)   arrow

DIY Pheromone Game Kit

This easy kit allows you to download the materials, print them, cut them out and laminate them to your liking. The kit is easy to use or modify. Place a cotton ball into a small test tube. Add a scent  onto the cotton ball. The aroma from the essential oils are tied to a rubric which instructs the youth to follow a command, like honey bees. This game can be played in the class room or outside in an open area. I like to use a variety of scents, and these scents are often the ones we use later when we make lip balm or soap.

Using Essential Oils as pheromones

  • lavender
  • eucalyptus
  • peppermint
  • lemon
  • orange
  • basil

Job of Honey Bees

  • House Bee – Clean Cell, Clean the Class Room
  • Nurse Bee – Take care of the baby bees, feed a bee using your arm as a proboscis.
  • Forager – Go find water, pollen or nectar, youth take a bite of snack or drink of water
  • Guard Bee – Guard bees guard the hive and sting on command from pheromones, youth will sting your beekeeping assistant or helper if they smell that corresponding smell.
  • Building Bee – Using the mandibles to mold wax they build comb, use their finders in front of face to simulate they are building comb with their mandibles.

Download: Coming Soon