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BeeWise is a 21st Century Beekeeping program that engages youth in science, technology, engineering and math through project-based art, making and citizen science.

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BeeWise Printed Circuit Board with Micro-controller and sensors installed.

BeeWise Printed Circuit Board with Micro-controller and sensors installed.

What is a Smart Hive for beekeepers

The BeeWise Smart Hive Kit collects hive data using sensors and a micro controller (SP8266). Youth will increase STEM knowledge by learning to Make Internet of Things (IoT) smart hives and use them in their apiaries. They will be able to interpret data, compare and contrast data sets and infer observations of honey bee colonies. BeeWise aims to help youth problem solve honey bee health issues such as Colony Collapse Disorder. We hope data collected from the smart hive kit will help develop innovative solutions for increasing colony health and provide citizen scientist opportunities for sharing their data.

Participants will use smart hive data to further their understanding, and appreciation of honey bees, pollination and advanced agricultural technologies using IoT. Youth and 4-H Volunteers will apply knowledge at their own apiaries and farms increasing the impacts and use of STEM, Maker Ed, IoT and Citizen Science.

BeeWise IoT Smart Hive Kit

The BeeWise IoT Smart Hive was created in Pueblo County Extension Office by STEAM 4-H Youth Development Agent Jane Crayton and her dedicated team. Jane developed the smart hive kit as an interdisciplinary project to engage youth in 21st Century Beekeeping using Internet of Things, Maker Education and Citizen Science. The Smart Hive Kit uses the SP8266 from Spark Fun Electronics a sponsor of the project. The smart hive development team created a custom printed circuit board for the SP8266 and several other sensor chips to easily connect.

The Kit can be assembled in about 35 to 40 hours.

BeeWise Sensors

The BeeWise Kit has three main sensors, that collect hive health data. There are four load cells which capture hive weigh, using a computer algorithm with precise sensor arrangement. One waterproof temperature probe captures brood chamber temperatures. Ambient conditions inside the hive are captured with a simple temperature and humidity sensor.

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