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BeeWise is a 21st Century Beekeeping program that engages youth in science, technology, engineering and math through project-based art, making and citizen science.

Beewise engages the whole family in pollinator education using project-based, hands-on, learning by doing. You can participate in citizen science projects, build a kit, take family workshops or send your youth to BeeWise summer and spring break camps.

Spring & Summer Camps

BeeWise hosts Spring Pollinator Maker Camps and Summer BeeWise Youth Beekeeping Camps. Youth learn all about honey bees and other essential pollinators. Youth develop an understanding of the importance of honey bees and how they are essential for our food systems success.

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Educational Public Outreach

From conference presentations, to family pollination maker workshops at the zoo. BeeWise engages the whole family and community in helping MAKE a difference for honeybees. Interested in learning more about saving the bees, invite Jane to your class or community today.

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BeeWise IoT Smart Hive

Interested in building your own smart hive using the BeeWise Smart Hive Kit? With the BeeWise V0.1 Printed Circuit Board you can easily assemble your smart hive using the SP8266 from SparkFun Electronics. The project challenges you to build the smart hive yourself, applying the maker mindset.

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